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Can I hide some of the notes columns?
Yes, use the notes properties to select or deselect columns you want to view/hide in the notes tab. To view or hide any of the categories: Click Notes Properties . The Notes Propert
Dance files playback is jumpy or glitchy.
Close any other programs that you may be running. Running multiple applications can slow down performance. If you are using a laptop make sure the power setting is set for High Performanc
Entering notes on my Choreo page does not change the direction of my dancers.
You will need to assign the dancer(s) to a Choreo page and deselect the Always Face Downstage option. To assign a Choreo page to a dancer: Click Assign Choreo . The Choreo Assignmen
I canít find the motion I want to use.
You can type in whatever you want in the motion column, look in another palette, or make your own custom palette. To create a custom palette: On the Notes tab, click Custom Palett
I entered direction notes for my dancers, but my dancers donít change direction.
You will need to turn off the always face downstage option. To have path animate from your notes: Click the Path Properties button Deselect the Always Face Dancers/Props Down S