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Dance files playback is jumpy or glitchy.
Close any other programs that you may be running. Running multiple applications can slow down performance. If you are using a laptop make sure the power setting is set for High Performanc
I have a dance created, but all the path lines are in the way.
You can either use the reduced path view or hide the path. To reduce the view of a path to see less positions: Select dancers. The entire path is displayed. Click the Reduce Path
I have my dancers recorded in one spot, but they wiggle around.
When you use soft angles and dancers stay in the same position, you will need to change the recorded position to sharp angles so they won’t move. To change the angle of an existing record
I used flip downstage edge, but only the stage changed.
To change the direction of the dancers, you will need to flip the downstage edge in the path tab. To change the direction your dancers face: On the Path Tab Click Flip DS Edge .
My dancers start moving immediately. How do I have them stay still for 8 counts and then move to their next position?
Record them in their starting position. Play the music and pause at the time when they would start moving and record them in the same position. (This way they will stay in the same spo
The Video Tab, Choreo Cards, Importing Stages, Drawing Tools, Free-Hand path entry and custom palette is missing from my program.
These features are only available in Dance Designer Pro. If you would like to upgrade click on link below.    
Why do my dancers always face the same direction?
Dance Designer has 3 options for dancer direction: Always face downstage Always face their path Customized dancer direction based on your written notes. To have dancers face do