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I used Build a Stage and added a grid, but I cannot delete the grid.
To remove a grid, you will need to use the add a grid button and enter zero. To remove a grid: Click the Grid option. To hide the grid enter "0" feet Click OK .
I used flip downstage edge button, but only the dancers changed.
To change the downstage edge of the stage, you will need to go to the stage tab and flip the downstage edge. To flip the downstage edge: On the Stage Tab Click Flip DS Edge . T
The Video Tab, Choreo Cards, Importing Stages, Drawing Tools, Free-Hand path entry and custom palette is missing from my program.
These features are only available in Dance Designer Pro. If you would like to upgrade click on link below.    
When I import a stage the dancers are too small/too big.
You will need to scale your imported stage so the dancers are the correct relative size. To scale an imported stage: Click Scale Stage . The Scale Plan window appears. You will n