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Burning music to a CD and importing the "MP3" into iTunes
You will need a blank CD and a CD burner on your computer. Burning music to a CD: Select - File New Playlist ----- it will ask you to name this new playlist Add as many songs
Burning music to a CD in Windows Media Player
You will need a blank CD and a CD burner on your computer. Burning music to a CD: Windows Media Player - 12 Select - Song Right Click - Select Add to>Burn List Add as ma
Dance Designer gives a message "this file does not contain audio choose another file" when I try to add a music file.
You may be trying to open a file type that is not compatible with Dance Designer. Dance Designer will open .wav, .mp3, and .wma file types.
Dance files playback is jumpy or glitchy.
Close any other programs that you may be running. Running multiple applications can slow down performance. If you are using a laptop make sure the power setting is set for High Performanc
How do I open music from iTunes in Dance Designer?
WAV, MP3, or WMA file extensions will open directly into Dance Designer. To add music to Dance Designer: Click Add Music Navigate to My Music folder In the My Music folder sel
I edited my music, but when I open the music file in another music player it has not changed.
In order to save your edited music to burn to a cd, listen in another audio program or put on your iPod, you will need to export the edited music file from Dance Designer . To export musi
I have Dance Designer open, but the add music button and tab buttons don’t work.
You may need to open a new dance. The buttons won’t work unless a dance is open. If you’ve just launched Dance Designer Click Start New Dance to begin creating a new dance.
I want to move the first count between 2 counts.
To move first count between 2 counts: Highlight the 2 counts on the count track. Click Count Properties. Change the count style to 1 and 2 and click Change Count Style. Click
The counts start in time with the music, but then they become out of sync as the music plays.
Your music may change tempo and you may need to add counts by section. To add beats and counts section by section: Select the section of music you want to add counts to on the music
The counts start on the wrong beat
You will need to move the first count. To move first count: Click Move 1st Count . A message appears asking you to select the count on which you want the first phrase to begin. 
To convert your music files
Right click on your music file and select create "MP3" version (if the file extension is an "M4A" (Un-protected) iTunes will convert the file automatically). Converting will add an
When I add counts, the counts are too fast/too slow.
You need to change the count tempo, using the count properties button. To change the way Dance Designer counts the music: Click Count Properties . The Count Properties window appear
Will Dance Designer import and play my "M4A" music files from iTunes?
You will need to click on the following link and install the "codec" plug-in located at that website.  The file that you will to install