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Burning music to a CD and importing the "MP3" into iTunes
You will need a blank CD and a CD burner on your computer. Burning music to a CD: Select - File New Playlist ----- it will ask you to name this new playlist Add as many songs
Burning music to a CD in Windows Media Player
You will need a blank CD and a CD burner on your computer. Burning music to a CD: Windows Media Player - 12 Select - Song Right Click - Select Add to>Burn List Add as ma
Can I change the name and/or color of my dancers?
Yes, dancer properties allow you to change your dancerís names and assign color based on costume color, group, etc. Changing a dancerís name or color: On the Dancers tab, click Prop
Can I change the size of the Choreo Score windows?
You cannot change the size of the display windows, but you can change what is displayed in each window . Display options allow you to choose which element you want to view in each display
Can I hide some of the notes columns?
Yes, use the notes properties to select or deselect columns you want to view/hide in the notes tab. To view or hide any of the categories: Click Notes Properties . The Notes Propert
Dance Designer does not open my music file.
Dance Designer opens WAV, MP3 and WMA sound files. You will need a third party software program to convert your music to one of the these file types . An example would be iTunes
Dance Designer does not open my video.
Dance Designer Pro opens AVI and WMV video files. You will need a third party software program to convert your video to one of the two file types . An example would be Movavi Video
Dance Designer gives a message "this file does not contain audio choose another file" when I try to add a music file.
You may be trying to open a file type that is not compatible with Dance Designer. Dance Designer will open .wav, .mp3, and .wma file types.
Dance Designer won’t launch following installation on my Windows 64-bit computer.
You may need to run Dance Designer in compatibility mode, directions below. Windows 7 Right Click on the Dance Designer icon on your desktop Select Troubleshoot Compatibility
Dance files playback is jumpy or glitchy.
Close any other programs that you may be running. Running multiple applications can slow down performance. If you are using a laptop make sure the power setting is set for High Performanc
Entering notes on my Choreo page does not change the direction of my dancers.
You will need to assign the dancer(s) to a Choreo page and deselect the Always Face Downstage option. To assign a Choreo page to a dancer: Click Assign Choreo . The Choreo Assignmen
How can I see more dancers on the timeline?
You may need to use the collapse/expand buttons on the timeline and/or make your timeline window larger. The collapse/expand arrows are on the top left of the timeline window above the
How do I activate or deactivate Dance Designer on a computer?
Activation and Deactivation Directions click on link below.    
How do I change the information displayed on my cover page?
To change the information displayed on a cover page, you will need to change the information you entered in the dance information window. To change your dance information: Click t
How do I move my dance files to another computer?
When moving a dance file to another computer or location you must move the production folder that contains the dance file and the "Dance Media" folder. The dance file and "D
How do I mute only the sound on my video?
You will need to use the track mute button (speaker icon) on the video track you want to mute.        
How do I open music from iTunes in Dance Designer?
WAV, MP3, or WMA file extensions will open directly into Dance Designer. To add music to Dance Designer: Click Add Music Navigate to My Music folder In the My Music folder sel
How do I sync my video with my music track?
To sync a video with a music track: On the Music tab, add the music file On the Video tab, add the video file. Mute the music file on the music track. Select the video track b
I canít find the motion I want to use.
You can type in whatever you want in the motion column, look in another palette, or make your own custom palette. To create a custom palette: On the Notes tab, click Custom Palett
I edited my music, but when I open the music file in another music player it has not changed.
In order to save your edited music to burn to a cd, listen in another audio program or put on your iPod, you will need to export the edited music file from Dance Designer . To export musi