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Why do my dancers always face the same direction?
Last Updated: 03/15/2010

Dance Designer has 3 options for dancer direction:
Always face downstage
Always face their path
Customized dancer direction based on your written notes.

To have dancers face downstage:

  • Click the Path Properties button
  • Select the Always Face Dancers/Props Down Stage check box to display dancers and props facing toward downstage (default).

To have dancers face their path:

  • Click the Path Properties button
  • Deselect the Always Face Dancers/Props Down Stage check box to display dancers and props facing path direction.

To customize a dancer’s direction:
Once you have created a dancer’s path:

  • Select the dancer page you want to animate.
  • Select Path Properties.
  • Deselect Always Face Dancers Downstage.
  • Click OK.
  • Right-click in the Direction/Quality category. You will see the Direction palette. All of the terms that animate a dancer’s direction are indicated in red.
  • Enter a direction on a count.

The dancer will turn and face that direction on that count and stay facing that direction until a new direction is entered.

If you want the dancer to go back to following the direction of the path, type "forward."
To animate multiple dancers’’ directions with one set of notes, use a Choreo page to write notes then assign that page to the dancers. All dancers assigned to that Choreo page will animate the same way.

For additional information watch the Advanced Path Design Tutorial.






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