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TAPlayer - Coming Soon
Play Back Up to 4 Rhythm Tracks

Tap choreographers have a different challenge than other choreographers. They have to listen to the rhythms in the music and keep multiple tap rhythms in their memory as they choreograph. This can be difficult and challenging, especially when there are multiple rhythms and they are choreographing alone.

The TAPlayer™ software was designed to make this process easier. The TAPlayer™ allows choreographers to hear multiple rhythms without having multiple dancers present and there are no recording devices needed. Just by entering your tap steps into your notes you can then build up to four tap tracks with just a press of a button. The TAPlayer™ will playback the rhythms in sync with your music.

The TAPlayer™ can also be utilized as a teaching tool. Teachers can add tap rhythms to their music CDs making it easier for students to practice and learn their tap dance at home. Adding tap rhythms to student CDs keeps them practicing the correct rhythm. The TAPlayer™ is a must have for any tap choreographer.

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