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Tools For Every Choreographer
Dance Designer Feature Spot Light
Fast and Easy
You can synchronize and integrate virtually every element of your choreography with music including dance notes, counts, path, formations and video. Dance Designer's EZ Guide will step you through the features quickly and easily.
Dance Counts
Simply press a button and you can add counts to your music and notes. Customize the counts for any piece of music by changing counts per phrase and count style.
Music & Editing
You can easily edit your music by referencing your Dance Counts, changing tempo (without effecting pitch), mix and even record yourself in the dance studio. Give CDs with music and instructions to your students.

Enter your dance notes using a wide variety of dance palettes or create your own custom palette all synchronized to your music. Dance palettes auto-populate dance terms making notation entry fast.

No more lost or mixed up pages, your notes are always in sync with you.

ChoreoMotion ™
Import your stage and create moving images of your path, patterns and formations. Visualize and test your staging before you get to rehearsal.
Plays back up to four tracks of your tap rhythms. Rhythms are easily entered by writing your steps. No microphones or recording devices required. Give CDs with music and tap rhythms to your students.
Saves all of your dancer's information including contact info, personal info, costume sizes, and dance evaluations all in one data base. Creating a profile of your dancers makes it fast and easy to use them in multiple dances.
Rehearsal Tools
Allows you to add markers, jump to key points in your music, change the tempo and repeat specific sections of your music in the studio or at the theater. No more fast forwarding, rewinding and searching through your music.
Lets you import or record directly into Dance Designer any performance or rehearsal and playback two videos simultaneously. Now you can easily edit video and synchronize them with all your choreography notes, paths and formations.
Storyboards give you a series of pictures of your dance formations and path. You can keep all your dances, production team and rehearsals organized using a wide variety of report styles and storyboards.



Brings your entire team together; Dance Designer software integrates virtually every element of your choreography into one complete multi-media dance score making it easier than ever to communicate choreography. When replacing dancers or making changes a Choreo Score will save you hours of rehearsal.


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