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Tools for Hip-Hop Choreographers

Created Specifically for Your Motion

Dance Designer is a fast, easy and extremely powerful software program that allows you to visualize, integrate, rehearse and document your Hip-Hop choreography.

From Air Flares to Zulu Spins we have a palette that will work for you. Use the Hip-Hop palette and have Hip-Hop terms at your fingertips as they auto populate with the terms you need or create a custom palette of your own.

Write quick notes to take to the classroom, or make a Choreo Score™ that accurately details your master works.








Created By Dancers For Dancers

Dance Designer was created to quickly and intuitively blend with the Hip Hop choreographer's methods, using simple point-click-and-drag functions. The software integrates seamlessly into the choreographic artistic process, supporting your endeavors and providing greater communication with your performers. 

Here Are a Few Tools You Can Use Everyday With Dance Designer:

Dance Counts
  Add customizable counts to your music
Media Editing
  Easily edit your music and videos
Choreo Cards™
  A database of your dancers information
Choreo Notes™
  Synchronizing your notes and music
  A moving image of your patterns and formations
  Print your choreography, notes and staging
Choreo Score™
  A multi-media dance score synchronizing music, notes, patterns & video
TAPlayer™ - Coming Soon
  Plays back up to four tracks of your tap rhythms
Rehearsal Tools
  Add markers, skip to any section and change the tempo of your music during rehearsals and at the studio


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