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General features
2 Video Tutorials chk chk
Help Videos so you don't have to read the manual.
3 EZ Guide chk chk
The EZ Guide guides you step by step through the program.
Music Features
4 Import and Play Music chk chk
Import multiple file types wav, mp3,wmf and aif files
5 Edit Music chk chk
Cut, copy, paste, delete, split editing with "Dance Counts" as a reference.
6 Fade Music chk chk
Fade Music up and down.
7 BPM Display chk chk
Beats Per Minute Display
8 Tempo Change chk chk
Slow down and speed up music without changing the pitch.
9 Undo and Redo chk chk
Ability to go back any number of editing steps.
10 Add Markers chk chk
Mark and label different points in your dance for quick reference.
11 "Dance Counts" chk chk
With just a press of a button you can add Dance Counts to your music and notes.
12 Customize "Dance Counts" chk chk
3 to 12 counts per phrase and 4 count styles 1-2 or 1&2 or 1&a2 or 1e&a2
13 Audio Recording chk chk
Record yourself saying counts and steps for your dancers and students.
14 Audio Mixer chk chk
Mix your music, voice and or counts for your dancers and students.
15 Export Audio chk chk
Export multiple file types.
16 Sound Quality chk chk
High quality audio good for use in your performance show tracks.
Stage Features
17 Stage Library chk chk
Library of stages and performance venues.
18 Build Stage Wizard chk chk
Quickly build a custom stage to your dimensions.
19 Scenery Library chk chk
Add Platforms, Steps, Table and Chairs
20 Reference Grids and Tape Line chk chk
Good for laying out large dance groups and alignment of patterns
21 View Layers chk chk
Turn on or off different stage elements.
22 Drawing Tools   chk
Line, Arch, Rectangle, Move, Color and Measure
23 Import CAD Files   chk
Use your scenic designers stage drawings.
24 Import and Scale Image Files   chk
Use and scale PDF's and JPG's for your ground plans .
25 Save Custom Stages chk chk
Create a custom library of all your performance spaces.
Dancer Features
26 Multiple Avatar Styles chk chk
Use different style Dancer images.
27 Choreo Cards   chk
Manage Contact Info,Personal Data, Costume Sizes, Dance Ability, General Notes and more.
28 Dancer Properties chk chk
Customize attributes of your Dancer tracks.
29 Choreo Pages chk chk
Create up to 8 Choreo Pages
Path Features
30 "ChoreoMotion" chk chk
Animated patterns easily resolve complex patterns and traffic jams before you get to rehearsal.
31 "Live Entry" Mode   chk
"Live Entry" records your path and patterns in real-time.
32 Formations Library chk chk
Library of dance formations for quick reference.
33 Animation Tools chk chk
Easy to use tools copy, paste, mirror and direction
34 Path Properties chk chk
Turn on and off different path elements.
Notes Features
35 Dance Counts chk chk
Notes are synchronized with your music.
36 Choreo Notes chk chk
Your notes can be general or very detailed count by count.
37 Dance Palettes chk chk
Select your style of palette and have your dance terms auto-populate.
38 Custom Palettes   chk
Create your own style of palette with personalized terminology.
39 Choreo Assignment chk chk
Choreo Notes that can be assigned to any dancer.
40 Dancer Tracks chk chk
The ability to write individual notes for multiple dancers.
41 TAPlayer - Coming Soon
chk chk
Will play up to 4 tracks of tap rhythms from your Choreo Notes.
Reports Features
43 Image Preferences chk chk
Choose between video and animated images for your story boards.
44 Printing Preferences chk chk
Customize, layout, counts per page and images per page.
Rehearsal Features
46 Loop Between Markers chk chk
No more searching through music during your rehearsals.
47 Change Tempo Without Changing Pitch chk chk
Slow down the music to help your dancers during the rehearsal process.
48 Remote Capability chk chk
Stop walking back and forth in the studio works with many wireless remotes available.
49 Choreo Notes chk chk
No more lost or mixed up pages, your notes are with you and always in sync with the music.
Video Features