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Created by Dancers for Dancers

We See Things Through a Choreographer's and a Dancer's Eyes First.

Our Mission:

To create revolutionary products and services that educate, motivate, and empower the dance community in its quest to expand its economic potential.

To raise the stature of choreographers in the entertainment industry.

To advance and preserve the art and science of dance for the benefit and gain of all future generations.


Expanding the World of Choreography


Carri Burbank, founder of Choreo Technology, LLC has made a lifetime commitment to dance, getting her start at age three with her mom and the “Joyce Burbank Dancers”.  For 18 years she owned “The Dance Factory” one of the largest dance studios in Orange County, CA.  She is a master teacher of all levels of tap and jazz and continues to study all forms of dance in her quest to fine-tune her art.



Throughout her dance career Carri has choreographed and remounted countless dance pieces. Frustrated with the process of relying solely on videotaped performances, repeatedly rewinding the video and reviewing the notes for each section, she felt there had to be a better way.
When Carri asked for her husband’s help in finding tools that would aid in the process of creating, teaching, rehearsing and saving choreography, they discovered there was nothing available.



The idea of creating something that would save choreographers time and help with all steps of the creative process, is what motivated them to create Dance Designer. Two years ago, the pair, together with a team of dancers, choreographers and software specialists, conceived the notion, of creating tools for every choreographer.



The outcome is a software program that offers a complete choreography package that assists with the creation, pre-visualization, documentation, communication and rehearsal process.
Dance Designer allows choreographers to share creative information instantly with their dancers and production team.


Choreographers now have a powerful new tool that can help everyday.



Meet the Staff