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Choreo Notes
No More Lost and Mixed up Pages

Choreo Notes were developed because there was no standardized, practical fast and easy notation format for the everyday working choreographer and dancer. Many choreographers make up their own shorthand and format for their daily notes. This can work until they hand those notes to someone else or go back to the notes later to try and decipher them. Choreo Notes™ are a fast and easy notation structure synchronized to music, that will support virtually every style of dance and motion.

Choreo Notes™ can be used for general notes as quick reminders when teaching a dance or routine. Choreo Notes™ can also be used for very detailed notation documenting every dancer track and every dance count to create a complete "Dance Score" or "Dance Bible". Choreographers can use their current notation format and synchronize their notes to music or use the Dance Designer Style Palettes and structure for a fast standardized notation. Choreographers can also create custom Palettes with their own vocabulary or combine Dance Designer palettes to create a combination palette. Style Palettes allow auto population of vocabulary to make notation faster and easier.

Using Dance Designer software to playback your music in your dance, cheer or figure skating rehearsal and it will also simultaneously playback your notes, so there will be no more lost or mixed up pages.

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