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Choreo Cards
All Your Dancers at Your Finger Tips

Choreo Cards™ were incorporated into the Dance Designer software to give choreographers a way to organize their dancer's information and save it in one place. Information that was once stored in manila files taking up space can now be stored digitally on any computer, a very "green" solution. No need to fumble through files to find the information you need on a dancer, the program will pull up the dancer's Choreo Card™ quickly.

With Choreo Cards™ choreographers can enter in dancer contact information as well as costume sizing, information about a dancer's "look" and upload a picture into their profile. Dance Designer currently allows you to assign colors to dancers, making it easy to know who is who in the Choreo Motion™ part of your Choreo Score™. Later versions of Dance Designer will offer 3D Avatars. Entering information into a dancer's Choreo Card™ customizes and saves a dancer's avatar for use in other dances. Choreographers can also enter in a dancer's dance rating, other talents and any additional notes keeping all the dancer's information at your fingertips.

"Created by Dancers for Dancers"