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Paths, Patterns and Formations

One of the choreographer's challenges in the creative process is staging and blocking large numbers of performers. Not always having the luxury of time, having the performers, or having the performance space available to create and try different concepts the choreographer must create and visualize prior to arriving at the rehearsal. To this moment it has been a process of drawing circles and arrows on paper listening to the music and visualizing complex patterns and spacing in their mind.

ChoreoMotion™ provides the choreographer the performers and the performance space for their creativity and the ability to try different ideas with multiple dancers, scenery and props all in the comfort of their studio or home. This allows choreographers to go into a rehearsals prepared with multiple ideas and can show the performers the paths and patterns synchronized with music prior to rehearsal. ChoreoMotion™ can also print out Story Boards of the choreography for assistants, technical crews, and performers.

ChoreoMotion™ is an animation technology designed specifically for choreographers to quickly previsualize, create and document performer's paths, patterns and formations. ChoreoMotion™ has made it fast and easy for the choreographer. Simply select and drag virtual performers and props to their position on a virtual stage and click record ChoreoMotion™ will show the path and animation. Choreographers can test their staging, resolve complex patterns and traffic jams before they get to rehearsal using Dance Designer computer software.

"Created by Dancers for Dancers"